Dr. Karen Liller shares health education teaching methods for youth

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Dr. Karen D. Liller published “Become Fred—a good leader for health change” in the Journal of Health Education Teaching Techniques.

Who’s Fred?

Why a penguin, of course.

According to the abstract, “This teaching technique is designed to prepare students to understand health topics and how to be leaders for change in a fun way.”

After mastering this technique, “[middle and high school] students should be able to understand how using Kotter and Rathgeber’s (2005) leadership and change principles may build success and improve health; embody the penguin Fred to develop change solutions for the problem of obesity in youth; and, discuss their developed health change plans with the class.”

Karen Lilller, PhD, professor in Community and Family Health, dean of the Graduate School, and associate vice-president of Research and Innovation

Karen Lilller, PhD


Liller is a professor in the USF College of Public Health’s Department of Community and Family Health.  She also directs USF’s Doctoral Student Leadership Institute, a unique program that prepares doctoral students for leadership positions in a variety of settings, in and out of academia. In 2012, the American Association for the Advancement of Science named her a Fellow.