Lizmarie Maldonado awarded PAHO internship

| EPI-BIO, Monday Letter, Our Alumni

In January, Lizmarie Maldonado journeyed to Washington, DC for an internship with the Pan American Health Organization.

Maldonado holds a bachelor of science degree in statistics and applied mathematics.  As a student at the USF College of Public Health, she assisted Drs. Yangxin Huang, PhD, and Henian Chen, MD, PhD, associate professors of biostatistics, with three research studies.

“I hope to gain practical experience in international health, particularly in Latin America and apply statistics to improve the health status of these countries,” said the Miami native.

Maldonado’s interests in global health and infectious diseases are the perfect complement for PAHO. And, after successfully completing her internship she’ll be one step closer to realizing her ultimate career goal—performing statistical and epidemiological research for the World Health Organization.

Lizmarie Maldonado earned a master of science in public health from the University of South Florida. She specialized in biostatistics.