Mosquito Research Foundation Call for Proposals (2016)

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Mosquito Research Foundation (MRF) 


The award amount is not specified. MRF does not make multi-year funding commitments. However, the foundation will make a single-year commitment for a multi-year project. For multi-year projects, the year for which support is being requested must be indicated. The foundation does not fund any university overhead. 


The Foundation invites new proposals f or research on mosquito control and related topics for 2016. The Foundation is devoted to funding research that will lead to new tools and strategies for mosquito surveillance and control and ultimately protecting the public from mosquito-borne disease and discomfort from mosquito bites.

The foundation will give special consideration to projects that are aligned with these priority areas.

  • Enhancement of public mosquito and vector control agency’s mosquito control programs
  • Supporting early career researchers who are building their careers in this area
  • Facilitating projects that enhance relationships among a wide variety of organizations. These organizations may include Municipalities and water districts, Environmental organizations Regional, and national organizations (both public and private).

Upcoming Deadlines

04 Dec 2016- (Anticipated) – Proposals (Sponsor deadline – required)

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