New Bulls practice their passion at COPH

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The new year brought along new faces!

It’s a new year and with that the USF College of Public Health is happy to welcome the following new faculty and staff, adding to the college’s diversity and research specializations.

Tricia Penniecook, MD, MPH

Dr. Tricia Penniecook (Photo by Caitlin Keough).

Dr. Tricia Penniecook (Photo by Caitlin Keough).

Dr. Tricia Penniecook joined the COPH on October 23, as the vice dean of education. She is also the first faculty member to be appointed on the COPH’s new Practice Pathway.

The Practice Pathway invites health professionals who have occupied leadership positions in public health and healthcare to join the COPH to ensure that real-world practice experiences are integrated into the College’s curricula and shared in the classroom.

“I became an educator because health professionals do not just develop on their own, they need guidance and modeled behavior from those who have not only read about it, but have experience and expertise. The courses, programs and degrees that I participate and lead in must be infused with values, from the planning and development through the delivery and evaluation phases,” she said. “There is a special purpose for higher education institutions: to prepare leaders who will stand in the gap, translating knowledge from the most advanced research into practice, to improve lives every day.”

Penniecook earned both her MD and MPH from the Universidad de Montemorelos in Mexico. After practicing as a primary care physician in Mexico, she worked for five years in her native Costa Rica in the Ministry of Health as county health director, state epidemiologist, state health director and adviser to the Minister of Health for the Atlantic Region.

She joined the Loma Linda University School of Public Health in 2007 as associate dean of academic affairs and was promoted to dean. She served in that capacity for five years.

Penniecook is qualified in both medicine and public health and has had a distinguished career in both disciplines. She is passionate about public health engagement with the community surrounding her own university as well as that of the world.

Eric Davenport, MA

Eric Davenport (Photo by Caitlin Keough).

Eric Davenport (Photo by Caitlin Keough).

Eric Davenport is the new director of financial management and reporting in the COPH’s Office of Finance and Administration.  He is responsible for the College’s budget overall, and more specifically the accounting, purchasing and reporting functions.

“I feel grateful to be a part of this great team, not to mention in such a successful and well-run college,” Davenport said. “While this position is definitely a great fit for my experience, I’m most excited to have a chance to contribute to the many great things that appear to be on the horizon at COPH, and to the broader USF community as well!”

Davenport earned his BA in management information systems and finance from Philadelphia University and his MA in philosophy and public policy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Most recently, Davenport ran the offices of institutional research and sponsored projects at La Salle University, where he was fortunate to work on several impactful projects, including a proposal to reset tuition costs to students.

He also spent 10 years at Temple University in finance and administration positions handling their College of Public Health’s budgeting and financial operations, including work transitioning their budget to a responsibility centered management model and revamping their financial reporting.

Brian Warrick, PhD, CSP, CIH

Brian Warrick (Photo courtesy of Warrick).

Brian Warrick (Photo courtesy of Warrick).

USF SafetyFlorida Consultation Program welcomes Dr. Brian Warrick as their new program manager. Since stepping into his role on November 6, Warrick has been getting to know the staff and attending meetings with OSHA representatives and prominent key players in the industry.

In this role, Warrick leads the efforts of providing assistance to Florida employers in developing effective health and safety programs towards a goal of improving employee workplace health and safety conditions.

Warrick earned his PhD in management from Walden University and a MS in environmental science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is a board-certified safety professional and industrial hygienist, as well as the former president of the West Florida Chapter of American Society of Safety Engineers.

“It is with great excitement and humility I join USF’s OSHA Consultation Program.  For years I have been pre-occupied with securing safe and healthy working environments for employers and employees and I am delighted to join the cause for Florida’s small businesses,” Warrick said.

Warrick brings more than 30 years of leadership experience in the field of environmental, occupational health and safety, including 20 years as an US Air Force officer.

During his time in the Air Force he held multiple leadership positions and was responsible for ensuring a safe, healthy working environment for the largest American community in Europe. He led worldwide environmental and safety health teams with phenomenal risk reduction effort at deployed locations.  He provided significant technical oversight for a $26 million clean-up technology for toxic chemical weapons destruction operations. Warrick was hand selected for a fellowship at the Air Force Surgeon General’s Office and developed the Air Force’s policy on HAZMAT response.

Warrick also served as executive vice president, corporate health and safety officer for two global infrastructure and environmental services firms, respectively, as well as the director of a Fortune 500 manufacturing company.

He is an experienced presenter, trainer and an advisory board member to the USF Sunshine Education & Research Center.

Antony Masys, PhD, MSc, BSc

Antony Masys (Photo courtesy of Masys).

Antony Masys (Photo courtesy of Masys).

Dr. Anthony Masys joins the COPH as director and associate professor of global disaster management, humanitarian assistance and homeland security.

“I am very excited about joining the COPH team and look forward to growing the program, exploring and applying the domains of systems thinking, design thinking, disaster forensics and resilience as it relates to global disaster management, humanitarian assistance and homeland security,” Masys said.

A former senior Air Force officer, Masys has a BSc in physics and MSc in underwater acoustics and oceanography from the Royal Military College of Canada and a PhD in sociology from the University of Leicester.

Masys is an internationally recognized author, speaker and facilitator and has held workshops on security, visual thinking, design thinking and systems thinking in Europe, Canada, South America, West Africa and Asia. He has published extensively in the domains of physics and the social sciences.

He is editor in chief for Springer Publishing book series: Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications and holds various advisory board positions with academic journals and books series.

Masys also supports the University of Leicester as an associate tutor in their distance MSc program on risk crisis and disaster management.

Also, a warm welcome to:

Dr. Chighaf Bakour, visiting assistant professor
Ericka Duncan, program planner analyst
Kelly Freedman, program planner analyst
Dr. Taylor Livingston, postdoctoral scholar
Dr. Michelle Nash, assistant professor
Paige Phillips, academic program specialist
William Shurtz, program planner analyst
Dr. Nicholas Thomas, postdoctoral scholar
Sandra Wells, program planner analyst

Story by Caitlin Keough, USF College of Public Health