New Playbook for Elimination of Early Elective Deliveries from the National Quality Forum


The National Quality Forum’s Maternity Action Team just launched the Playbook for the Successful Elimination of Early Elective Deliveries. This document is intended to provide guidance and strategies for those still struggling to lower EED rates.

There are still areas in the country finding it difficult to achieve successes in reducing the Early Elective Deliveries, defined as deliveries occurring before 39 weeks gestation without medical or obstetrical indication.

The action team, which is comprised of key stakeholders, programs, and informants across the country,  focused on “improving the health of mothers and babies through a model of sharing best practices and aligning public and private sector patient safety efforts.”  Drs. William Sappenfield and Linda Detman contributed to the creation of this playbook.

The Playbook provides quality improvement guidance to overcome challenges for care providers and practitioners, hospitals, and hospital systems.

To download the brand new MAT Playbook for the Successful Elimination of Early Elective deliveries, or for more resources to assist in reducing EED, visit the Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative’s Early Elective Deliveries initiative page.

EED Playbook