Obstetric Hemorrhage Initiative Hospitals Re-Energized at Mid-Project Meeting


Obstetric Hemorrhage Initiative (OHI) hospitals from around the state met on October 27, 2014 to re-convene after one year since the initiative kick-off.

Hospital teams gained a better understanding of quality improvement through presentations on Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles for implementing quality care changes and TeamSTEPPS strategies to improve teamwork and communication. A team from Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies presented a mock simulation drill and post-drill team debriefing session.

OHI Meeting Debrief sideview

The day also included a discussion of the progress that the initiative hospitals have made. Attendees were able to share their greatest challenges and brainstorm strategies for success during a round robin session where the topics of physician engagement, quantification of blood loss, simulation drills, and debriefing sessions were discussed. This session was popular because nurses and physicians were able to come together to hear what other hospitals were struggling with, empathize and commiserate, and also share what strategies have worked well and could be applied elsewhere. The day held many opportunities for hospitals to network and exchange information.

The meeting was successful at building camaraderie and collaboration among hospitals working to improve readiness, recognition and response to postpartum hemorrhage. Every participant agreed that they learned something that they planned to apply to OHI at their hospital, such as techniques to get physicians involved, better debriefing techniques, and implementing quantification of blood loss.

“It was eye opening, and frankly embarrassing, to learn that if hospitals with thousands of deliveries per year – like Winnie Palmer – could successfully QBL at every birth, then there was no good reason that my facility could not do it too,”  expressed an attendee.

Feedback was positive; a participant called the meeting “Very interactive and conducive to sharing of experiences and information.” The group left feeling re-energized and full of ideas and strategies to meet their biggest challenges.

Hemorrhage Shirts

The team from Broward Regional Hospital wore shirts that read “Obstetric Hemorrhage Initiative: STOP PPH. Every Drop Counts!”

For more information on the OHI, please visit FPQC.org