Proposed Master’s of Science (MS) in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (NEW!)


The newly proposed Master’s of Science (MS) in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (CABH), housed in USF’s Department of Child and Family Studies (CFS), College of Behavioral and Community Sciences (CBCS), aims to provide a high quality graduate program for recent university graduates, returning adult students (including military veterans), and blended distance learning students. The program will serve diverse place-based learners in the Tampa Bay community and beyond through preparation for careers in public and non-profit mental health, alcohol, drug abuse, child behavioral health care, and early behavioral health care programs. Student success will be supported through interdisciplinary faculty and community engagement that promotes the translation of new knowledge into best practices.

The proposed MS program is the only one of its kind within the State University System (SUS) and nationally. This proposed MS Degree program is distinct in its focus on competencies in research-based interventions for children/adolescents experiencing a range of behavioral health problems, multiple service sector leadership/administration, and cultural competence in child/adolescent behavioral health services.

The proposed MS Degree program will require 39 graduate credits, including four core courses and four concentrations: 1) Youth and Behavioral Health; 2); Developmental Disabilities; 3) Leadership and Administration; and 4) Translational Research and Evaluation. Course in this proposed MS Degree program will be offered in a combination of in- class and blended in-class/distance learning formats. Students in the proposed MS Degree program will also take a comprehensive MS Exam and have an option of preparing a traditional MS thesis or pursuing a MS field experience for their culminating master’s project.

The program proposal is currently in the process of making its way through the USF curriculum committees. For more information on the proposed MS in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health program, please email Dr. Bruce L. Levin at

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