Research Days

Oral Presentations

Presented by: Marissa Zwald, Department of Community & Family Health
“Changes in Psychosocial Factors and Physical Activity Frequency among Participants of Girls on the Run”
Marissa Zwald, Rita DiGioacchino DeBate, Kelley Pettee, Jennifer Huberty, Yan Zhang

Presented by: Patricia Spencer, Department of Health Policy & Management
“The Influence of Specialized Cancer Hospitals in Florida on Mortality, Length of Stay, and Charges of Care”
Patricia L. Spencer, Laurence G. Branch, Barbara Langland-Orban, Etienne E. Pracht

Poster Presentations

Department of Community & Family Health

Presented by: Teri Malo
“Sociodemographic and Health Literacy Predictors of Screening Mammography”
Teri L. Malo, David L. Hogeboom

Presented by: Tara Trudnak
“Promoting Physical Activity Through the Use of Pedometers”
Tara Trudnak, Angela Lloyd
Research supported by: USF Health Student Collaborative Grant.

Presented by: Mary Martinasek
“Exploring Factors Associated with the Family Dinner: An Application of a Social Marketing Conceptual Framework”
Mary P. Martinasek, Rita DeBate, David Himmelgreen, Tammy Allen
Research supported by: USF Interdisciplinary Initiative on Sustainable Communities.

Presented by: Aimee Eden
“Medical Migration from the Global South to the U.S. South: Tampa’s International Health Workforce”
Aimee R. Eden, Lauren Harris

Department of Global Health

Presented by: Rachelle Price
“Expression of Influenza Neuraminidase using Baculovirus”
Rachelle Price, Alberto van Olphen
Research supported by: Department of Defense.

Presented by: Matthew Tucker
“Examination of the Molecular Basis of Resistance to Artemisinin Drugs in Plasmodium Falciparum”
Matthew S. Tucker, Jennifer Peters, Martin Nau, Zhinning Wang, Qin Cheng, Maryanne Vahey, Azliyati Azizan, Susan Lukas, Dennis E. Kyle

Department of Environmental & Occupational Health
Presented by: Chris Einmo
“Influence of Domestic Biomass Combustion on Outdoor Community Air Quality”
Chris Einmo, Amy Stuart

Presented by: Robin DeHate
“Evaluation of the Public Health Risks Associated with former Manufactured Gas Plants”
Robin B. DeHate, Raymond D. Harbison
Research supported by: GEI Consultants, Inc.

Sunshine Education and Research Center – Occupational Health Psychology Program

Presented by: Liu-Qin Yang
“Workplace Violence, Violence Prevention Climate and Back Injuries in Nursing”
Liu-Qin Yang, CAS, , Julie Powell, Paul Spector, Mary Gallant-Roman, Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang
Research supported by USF Sunshine Education and Research Center.

Presented by: Kristen Shockley
“Reconsidering Work-Family Interactions and Satisfaction: A Meta-Analysis”
Kristen M. Shockley, Neha Singla
Research supported by USF Sunshine Education and Research Center.

Presented by: Erin Eatough
“Violence Climate, Exposure to Violence and Aggression, and Prevention Performance: A Mediation Model”
Erin Eatough, Chu-Hsiang Chang, Paul Spector, Stacey Kessler
Research supported by USF Sunshine Education and Research Center.

Sunshine Education and Research Center – Occupational Health Nursing Program
Presented by: Natalia Saunders
“Health Effects of Exposure to Hazardous Drugs in the Workplace”
Natalia Saunders
Research supported by USF Sunshine Education and Research Center.

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