This year, our COPH ‘section’ of USF Health Research Day included poster presentations by 51 COPH master’s and doctoral students as well as 2 COPH faculty, 4 staff and 3 post docs.

An additional group of COPH students also participated in our occupational health and safety ‘section’, which included 21 posters presented by students affiliated with our Sunshine ERC programs and 12 posters presented by students from Florida International University, Florida Institute of Technology, Florida State University and University of Puerto Rico . The website for the Sunshine ERC section of Research Day 2015 can be accessed at

Oral Presentations

For the eighth consecutive year, USF Health Research Day included an oral presentation session, with a total of 11 presenters from USF Health Colleges of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. Three COPH graduate students were selected to participate in this prestigious session and their names and abstract titles are listed below:

  • Nicole Falk-Smith, CFH, PhD student, ‘Delivery Room Management for Improved Health Outcomes in Premature and Very Low Birth Weight Infants: An Evaluation of a Quality Improvement Initiative’.
  • Nolan Kline, CFH, PhD student, ‘Micro and Macro-Level Challenges to HPV Vaccination for Children of Migrant Farmworkers in Tampa Bay’.
  • Joseph L Smith, HPM, PhD student, ‘Effects of Hospitals Profit Status and Patient Insurance on Inpatient Admission for Psychiatric Patients Presenting in Florida Emergency Departments’.

Seven COPH graduate students received awards for outstanding poster presentations and their names and abstract titles are listed below:

  • Shana M. Green, CFH PhD student, ‘Oral Sex and Condoms Aren’t a Thing: A Look at the Oral Sex Risk Behaviors of University Students with Online and/or Offline Partners’.
  • Coralia Vazquez-Otero, CFH, PhD student, ‘The Effect of Parental Barriers to Communication, Communication Actions, and Beliefs toward Sexual Activity on Parental Recommendation of Birth Control’.
  • Rema Ramakrishnan, EPI-BIO, PhD student, ‘Factor Analysis of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Steps and its Association with Breastfeeding Duration’.
  • Omonigho Michael Bubu, EPI-BIO, PhD student, ‘Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analytic Approach’.
  • Amruta Mhashilkar, GH, PhD student, ‘Transcriptomic and Proteomic Analysis of the Human Parasite Brugia Malayi on Stimulating the Ecdysone Receptor with Ligand 20-Hydroxyecdysone’.
  • Phaedra J. Thomas, GH, PhD student, ‘Phenotypic Characterization of the Plasmodium falciparum NOT1 (PF3D7_1103800) Gene Knockout and Heat Shock Analysis of the piggyBac Mutant Library’.
  • Jessica Ryan, HPM, PhD student, ‘Evaluating the Immediate Effects of Florida’s Return to Play Law on Youth Concussion Rates’.

and a COPH post doc earned an outstanding poster award in the COPH Post-doctoral section:

  • Christopher A. Rice GH, Post Doc, ‘Development of High Throughput Screens used to Discover Potential Treatments for Naegleria fowleri’.

The booklet for USF Health Research Day 2015 can be accessed at ( and a summary article can be accessed at 2015 USF Health Research Day Story.

Selected photos are provided below and a COPH photo gallery can be accessed at: COPH Section of USF Health Research Day 2015