This year, our COPH “section” of USF Health Research Day included a total of 54 COPH student poster presentations and 3 COPH student oral presentations, as well as 1 faculty and 2 staff poster presentations. An additional group of COPH students also participated in our occupational health and safety ‘section’, which included 18 posters presented by students affiliated with our Sunshine ERC programs and 12 posters presented by University of Florida, Florida International University and University of Puerto Rico students. The website for the Sunshine ERC section of Research Day 2014 can be accessed at

Oral Presentations:

For the seventh consecutive year, USF Health Research Day included an oral presentation session, with a total of 11 presenters from USF Health Colleges of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. Three COPH graduate students were selected to participate in this prestigious session and their abstract titles include:

  • Shams Rahman, MD, MSPH (EPI-BIO): ‘Maternal Diabetes Mellitus and the Risk of Childhood Mortality among Children with Birth Defects: a Large Retrospective Cohort Study
  • Erika Thompson, MPH, (CFH): ‘Theory-Based Determinants of Physical Activity during Pregnancy: A Systematic Review
  • Elisabeth Franzen, BS (CFH): ‘Preliminary Sexual Behavior and Contraceptive Differences among Youth Participating in a State-Wide Positive Youth Development Program Evaluation

The following graduate COPH students received awards for outstanding poster presentations:

  • Jayme Coyle (EOH): The Assessment of an In-vitro Model for Evaluating the Role of PARP in Ethanol-mediated Hepatotoxicity
  • Steven Mayer (GH): A liver sinusoid device for stable primary hepatocyte culture and Plasmodium liver stage development
  • Karlette Peck (GH): Dengue Seroprevalence Study in Martin County, Florida
  • Shitaldas Pamnani (EPI-BIO): Amount and duration of alcohol consumption and risk of adult glioma: Results from Southeastern Regional Study of Adult Brain Tumors
  • Zachary Pruitt (HPM): Relationship of Healthcare Expenditures to Adherence among Florida Medicaid-insured Patients Diagnosed with HIV or AIDS
  • Tommi Rivers (CFH): The eBIT Project Needs Assessment: Using Translational Science to Bring Evidence-based Interventions to School Social Workers
  • Yuri Sebastiao (EPI-BIO): Self-Reported Hypertension in The Villages: Prevalence and Associated Factors in a Retirement Community of Central Florida


The complete on line booklet for USF Health Research Day 2014, including the names of all student participants and their abstracts, can be found at: 2014 USF Health Research Day Virtual Book and an article can be accessed at: Research Day News Story
Selected photos are provided below and a COPH photo gallery can be accessed at: USFHealth ResearchDay 2014-COPH students


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