This year, the COPH poster ‘section’ of Research Day included a total of 52 student posters and 3 COPH students gave oral presentations during the USF Health Invited Oral Presentations session. Altogether, there were a total of 54 COPH student presenters in the COPH section. (One COPH student presenter gave both an oral and a poster presentation.)

In addition, 15 USF students in the Sunshine Education and Research Center (SERC) occupational medicine, occupational nursing, occupational health psychology and industrial hygiene programs presented posters in the SERC section.  An additional 24 student presenters from 8 affiliated programs (Florida International University, Clemson University, Florida Institute of Technology, Colorado State University, Baruch College/City University of New York (CUNY), University of Georgia, University of Puerto Rico; and University of Central Florida) presented their posters. Altogether, there were a total of 39 student presenters in the SERC section.   See link to the photo album: SERC Research Day 2017 and SERC Research Day website at

In sum, this year, there were a total number of 93 student presenters affiliated with the COPH and Sunshine ERC at USF Health Research Day 2017.

COPH Oral Presentations:   

This year, one post-doctoral researcher and two COPH doctoral students were selected to participate in the prestigious 8th Annual Joseph Krzanowski, PhD, USF Health Invited Oral Presentations Session and their names, departments and poster titles are provided below:

Ellen J. Schafer, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Department of Community & Family Health, ‘Factors Associated with the Early Introduction of Cereal and Solid Foods among Infants Aged Birth to 4 Months’.       

Lan Xu, PhD student, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics,  ‘Identify Taxonomic Profiles of the Subgingival Microbiome Associated with Type 1 Diabetes’.

Fahad Mukhtar, PhD student, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, ‘Change in Pattern of Secondary Malignancies Following Kaposi’s Sarcoma in the era of Anti-Retroviral Therapy.’

Best College of Public Health Poster Presentations:

In addition, seven COPH graduate students received awards for their outstanding poster presentations, as noted below:

Yingwei Yang, PhD student,  Department of Community & Family Health, ‘Assessing the Direct and Indirect Effects of Community, Family, and Individual Factors on Weapon Carrying at School in Hillsborough County’.

NOTE: Ms. Yang also received the Outstanding Global Pediatric Behavioral Health Poster Presentation award.

Caitlin Wolfe, PhD student, Department of Global Health, ‘Ebola Virus Disease Contact Tracing Activities, Lessons Learned and Best Practices during the Duport Road Outbreak in Monrovia, Liberia, November 2015’.

Korede Adegoke, PhD student, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, ‘Advantages of decision tree analysis in identifying segments of the population at risk for low colorectal cancer screening: A comparison of Chi-Square Automatic Interaction Detection (CHAID) analysis versus regression analysis’.

Stacey Griner, Doctoral student, Department of Community & Family Health, ‘Women’s Sexual Health Preventive Services in Emerging Adulthood: Is College Enrollment Associated with Utilization?’

Kyle Watterson, Doctoral student, Department of Health Policy & Management, ‘Nowhere to Hide:  Using Hospital Patient Encounter Data to Reveal Medical Practice Outliers’.

Omotola O. Balogun, Masters student, Department of Community & Family Health, ‘Staff Perception of Engagement and Retention in the Florida Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program’.

Abimbola Michael-Asalu, Masters student, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, ‘Baseline Individual and Organizational Readiness Assessment for Parental Mental Health Intervention Implementation among All Florida MIECHV Program Staff’.

A summary article can be accessed at Selected photos are provided below and a photo album can be accessed at COPH Research Day 2017