This academic year, the 21th annual USF Health Research Day was held on Friday, February 25, 2011, and 38 COPH students did an excellent job presenting their own research and practice projects!

Oral Presentations:

For the fourth consecutive year, USF Health Research Day included an oral presentation session and two COPH graduate students were selected to participate in this prestigious event. These students and their abstract titles include:

  • Christopher Campbell, “Characterization of a Putative Pseudophosphatase In The Human Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum
  • Alexia Makris, “An Evaluation of Clinical Outcomes of Liver Transplant Recipients and Impact of Clinical Indicators”

Poster Presentations:

In addition, the COPH would like to offer special congratulations to the following students whose posters were judged as the top five COPH student posters:

  • Sara Kennedy, “Parent Satisfaction with Provider Communication by Child’s Health Insurance Status”
  • Brian Vesely, “Creation and Characterization of Leishmania Donovani axenic amastigote Cell Line”
  • Haofei Yu, “Modeling of Residential Exposures to Nitrogen Oxides among Different Population Groups in Hillsborough County”
  • Stephanie Kolar, “HPV-Related Stigma, Negative Emotions and Men’s Intention to Tell Sex Partners to Receive a Pap Test”
  • Ryan Michael , “Atmospheric Mercury Deposition and Source Attribution for Tampa”

The complete list of all COPH student poster presenters includes:

Department of Community and Family Health
Erica Anstey, Elizabeth Baker, Deborah Cragun, JoAnn DiLernia, Judith Ebbert-Syfrett, Aimee Eden, Jordana Frost , Ashley Gallentine, Natalie D. Hernandez, Janet Hess, Siwon Jang ,Nicole Johnson, Sara Kennedy, Laura Marsh, Francisco Montiel-Ishino, Anthony Panzera, Ashleigh Simon, Andria Wendell, Christopher Wheldon

Department of Environmental and Occupational Health
Samantha Fridh Stephen Harbison Ryan Michael, Haofei Yu

Department of Health Policy and Management
Meg Comins

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Stephanie Kolar, Xiaosun Lu , Zachary Thompson

Department of Global Health
Brian Vesely ,Christine Ancheta, Elizabeth Helfert ,Dawn Hunter, Brian Martens, Samuel Matos, Jennie Pell, Jennifer Sedillo, Phaedra Thomas

The complete on line booklet for USF Health Research Day 2011, including the names of all student participants and their abstracts, can be found at:

Photo Gallery

Click on each photo to see enlarged image or view them in a poster format located Here (PDF)

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