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The new look of hunger

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There is a new face to those who lack access to affordable, nutritious food, according to USF College of Public Health’s Dr. Lauri Wright. “When people think of food insecure hunger, they think of the commercials they see on TV of starving children with skinny arms and distended bellies, but what it looks like today […]

Florida Prevention Research Center helps youth to “Snack Strong”

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The Florida Prevention Research Center (FPRC) at the USF College of Public Health worked with the Lexington, Kentucky Tweens Nutrition and Fitness coalition to make healthy foods more accessible throughout the city. One initiative, Better Bites: Snack Strong, provides technical assistance and marketing support to improve the nutritional quality of menus at venues that cater […]

Dr. Lauri Wright named national nutrition spokesperson

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Lauri Wright, PhD, RD, LD, assistant professor in the USF College of Public Health, is one of 10 newly named national media spokespersons for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Each is selected to serve a three-year term on the 30-member board of registered dietitian-nutritionists. Collectively, they conduct more than 3,000 nutrition and healthful-eating interviews […]

PBS features Florida Prevention Research Center’s Better Bites Initiative

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Better Bites Snack Strong initiative, which expands availability of healthful menu items at community recreational and professional sports facilities, schools, restaurants, and state parks, was recently featured on the local affiliate for PBS KET in Kentucky.     Better Bites is one of the initiatives created through the Florida Prevention Research Center’s Community Based Prevention […]