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Safety Culture: The Key to a Safe and Secure Workplace

| OSHA, USF Safety Florida

Many of us have been appointed to manage programs and teams. We have enough experience to know when our key performance indicators are lagging and adjustments are needed to meet the quarter, year, or function goal. Yes, we are managers, but are we leaders in our organization? What is the difference, and why is it paramount? Why is this important in safety culture? The answers to these questions may come from self-assessment and self-reflection. Knowing there is a difference between a leader and a manager is essential. While there are […]

Electrical Hazards

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

| OSHA, USF Safety Florida

William Tomlin, our USF SafetyFlorida contributor for July, provides insight on improving safety errors such as the one pictured in this photo. Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture? Keep reading to find out more. Hazard:                    An electrical power source […]

The Leadership & Workers’ Engagement Aspect of the Safety & Health Management System Series: Part 2 of 4

| OSHA, USF Safety Florida

Dear Reader, Of all the elements in a Safety and Health Management System, Leadership Engagement is by far the most important. A recent cross-sectional study of 155 construction companies in South Africa revealed that leadership visibility and behavior affect safety culture and safety performance in the construction industry (Skeepers & Mbohwa, 2015). Another study of construction companies in Indonesia recognized that one of the main drivers of improving safety performance is safety culture. Safety leadership has been identified as a significant factor shaping safety culture itself. Project owner safety leadership […]

Safety & Health Management System Series for Small Employers: Part 1 of 4

| OSHA, USF Safety Florida

Dear Reader, A safe and healthful workplace depends on an effective management system to proactively prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths. Besides OSHA’s Recommended Practice for Safety and Health Programs, other bodies such as the International Organization for Standards (ISO 45001) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI/ASSP Z10)  all recognize that a safety and health management system […]

A Note from the Director

| OSHA, USF Safety Florida

Each year, OSHA publishes the top 10 most frequently cited hazards to alert employers of commonly cited hazards. In recent years, many of the same hazards consistently reappear and sadly, we continue to see many preventable injuries, illnesses, and deaths related to these hazards.