USF COPH Outstanding Staff Award recipients honored

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Several USF College of Public Health staff members were awarded the 2018 Outstanding Staff Awards at a ceremony held in the USF School of Music Concert Hall in March.

Each year USF selects staff and administration employees who demonstrate a commitment to the pursuit of excellence and is hosted by President Judy Genshaft.

This year, the COPH recognized David Hogeboom, assistant director of programs and outcomes in Academic and Student Affairs, and two team nominations in finance—William Donahue, Anne Marie Little and Alma Hurd­­—and human resources—Nancy Price, Laura Zota, Suzy Siegmann and Lydia Babilonia.

The 2018 USF College of Public Health Outstanding Award recipients (not pictured: Laura Zota). (Photo by Anna Mayor)

“I am honored to be part of a such a great team; I love the people I work with,” said Anne Marie Little, a fiscal and business specialist in the COPH’s Office of Research who has been working at USF for 12 years.

USF College of Public Health fiscal business specialists (from left): Anne Marie Little, William Donahue and Alma Hurd. (Photo by Anna Mayor)

“The College of Public Health volunteers as the beta site for many USF system changes and updates. In doing so, the staff must be flexible, patient, and learn new systems, processes and procedures. In the 10 plus years that these three employees have worked at COPH, they have endured many changes. Recently, there have had constant change due to the introduction of Archivum and the COPH reorganization. Not only have they embraced them both, but they have all taken on more responsibilities all the while their service and work output remains impeccable,” said Dr. Ellen Daley, associate dean of Research and Practice, in her nomination letter for the fiscal business specialists team. “All three have gone above their duty to help deans, directors, faculty, staff and students understand new procedures and processes. They all have excellent communication skills.”

Hurd, a fiscal and business specialist who has been with the COPH for 14 years, said she appreciates the camaraderie and family-friendly atmosphere of working at the college.

“It means a lot to me and am very grateful all our efforts have been recognized,” Hurd said.

David Hogeboom, assistant director of programs and outcomes and COPH alumnus. (Photo by Anna Mayor)

Hogeboom, who serves as assistant director of programs and outcomes for the COPH’s Academic and Student Affairs Office, works on curriculum processes and capturing report and data information on students. He also conducts surveys with alumni, employers, and manages data collection for external organizations.

He is also a COPH alumnus, earning his MSPH degree from the college.

“For over 20 years, Dave has been a model of perfection. He is so appreciated that everyone calls him ‘The Data Guy.’ Dave is and has always been the ‘go to person’ for data pertaining to the college, students, graduation, catalog, etc. He has three important talents: friendliness, attention to detail and timeliness,” said Dr. Kay Perrin, former associate dean of Academic and Student Affairs, in her nomination for Hogeboom. “Each week, Dave receives numerous requests for data. He treats each request with care and consideration, because he knows that the data will be used in grants, reports and documents with short submission deadlines.”

USF COPH human resources recipients (from left): Suzy Siegmann, unit HR coordinator, Nancy Price, unit HR administrator, and Lydia Babilonia, unit HR coordinator. (Photo by Anna Mayor)

“While we call them the COPH HR team, they are much more than ‘just’ an HR team. They are a one-stop shop in support of faculty, staff and student employment issues, payroll, leave, management of student scholarships, tuition waivers and health insurance,” said Jay Evans, senior associate dean and chief operating officer of the COPH in his nomination.

Evans noted how during the COPH’s reorganization how the HR team helped staff transition during the change and helped to develop a plan to manage the HR implications of those changes, from creating new GEMS departments to updating the payroll distribution for more than 500 employees.

“In COPH, ‘Our Practice is Our Passion.’ Our HR team practices their passion daily in support of our faculty, staff and students. With our new hires, they are the first brand ambassadors for USF and the COPH, and in many cases are some of our best recruiters,” Evans said.

Siegmann, who has been working at USF for 32 years and four years with the COPH, said she loves the people she works with and the COPH’s “vibe.”

“It’s nice to know that our work and how we perform is appreciated and that Jay, Samantha, and Dr. Daley took time from their busy schedules to nominate us,” Siegmann said.

Babilonia, who has been serving in HR with USF for eight years—five of which have been with the COPH, said that she loves COPH’s diversity and how welcome she feels here.

“We work very closely together to make sure our customer service is consistent. It is with great pleasure to receive this award as a team here in the COPH,” she said.

Price, who joined the USF and the COPH in 2005, said the college creates an atmosphere of belonging.

“I count myself lucky to work in a job where I interact with diverse groups not only within the college but across campus as well,” she said. “Receiving the team award reinforces the drive to always go that extra step to help someone because we are all on this journey together even if our paths are different. You just never know what an impact you may have on another person. Make it a positive one!”

Story by Anna Mayor, USF College of Public Health