What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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  • Unsafe use of step ladder—worker using top/top step of step ladder-1926.1053(b)(13)
  • See Photo for other potential hazards


  • Fall to lower level
  • Severe injuries such as fractures; or, fatal injury

Corrective Action:

  • Employer needs to influence safe activity by positive reinforcement of safe work practices—key personnel recognizing workers verbally for performing their work safely; or, negative reinforcement—disciplinary action to workers observed not following recognized safe work practices.
  • All workers using ladders need appropriate safe ladder use training by competent persons– 1926.1060(a)(1).
  • The employer should have an active, current and accurate written safety and health program that all personnel follow to the best of their ability. 1926.20(b)(1). See OSHA website (www.osha.gov) on Recommended Safety and Health Programs (construction).