Whats Wrong With This Picture?

| OSHA, USF Safety Florida

Photographs are powerful learning tools in identifying and preventing of workplace hazards. Thank you to Garrick Johnson, our USF SafetyFlorida contributor for November. What is wrong with this picture?  A keen eye should reveal several potential problems.

Scenario: An employer had several portable fans, portable lights and flexible cords in use within a spray painting area. None of this equipment or wiring was approved for use in a hazardous location (i.e. Class I, Division 1).

Standard: 1910.107(c)(4): Electrical wiring and equipment shall conform to the electrical and other sources of ignition provisions and shall otherwise be in accordance with the electrical requirements of the OSHA electrical standard.

Potential Hazard: Internal wiring and components of electrical equipment not approved for use in hazardous locations are not fully sealed and, if not properly wired or grounded, may generate sparks or enough electric current to ignite solvent vapors produced during the spraying of flammable liquids should the vapors build to the minimum explosive concentration (MEC).

Solution: Remove and/or replace the unlisted/non-approved wiring and equipment with that approved for Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations. Electrical equipment listed/approved for hazardous locations carries a label indicating in what class, division and group of locations it may be installed. The employer should refer to NFPA 33 and 70 for guidance.

Garrick Johnson, MSPH
Health Supervisor
USF SafetyFlorida Consultation Program