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TIL: Our Support Desk Offers Live Chat

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others” ~ Albert Schweitzer

Help Desk Offers Live Chat

Introduction of Live Chat

Live Chat

Have you ever wondered where to go for help setting up a computer, installing software or changing a password for yourself or a co-worker on-campus? Maybe you’ve seen something more pressing, such as an error on a department’s webpage.

Struggling with computer related problems is about as much fun as a lame vacation but we all experience it once in awhile. But If you’ve ever wondered about a faster, more efficient way to get quality help when you need it, you should take a quick visit to the USF Health IS home page and check out our support desk’s latest, Live Chat. The support desk and live chat tool are available to you for troubleshooting technical problems, providing guidance for your computer, electronic equipment, software and applications. This live chat tool is available every weekday from 8:00 a.m. in the morning to 5:00 p.m. in the evening and after-hours via email (

The live chat component of the help desk was designed to offer both customers and internal business users a way to quickly communicate their questions and needs with specialists who can step in and provide technical assistance or guidance in real-time. That is, at the speed of modern business processes. In order to keep the lines of communication open and to ensure that healthy customer relationships are the status quo, our live chat team members are happy to help you, when you have questions that require real-time responses.

“Customer relations do not end once the goods are delivered or the services are rendered; it may actually start there. As technology now allows remote communications, help desks have been created for customer convenience and can prove to be beneficial to business. As in every relationship, one of the keys to a lasting one is communication,” (B2C, 2016).

One of the best features of the Live Chat is the ability for a live support technician to remotely interact with your desktop directly from the chat application. From there, the support technician can view, access and fix most common computer problems. That means you won’t be stuck with long phone calls or wait periods for on-site field technicians. This also speeds up how the Support Desk will handle all customers’ needs as technicians will be able to work with multiple customers at a time in their queue. Live chat simplifies and streamlines the process for everyone involved in the best possible way. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s absolutely worthy of a look today.


Meet Your Technical Support Team Superheroes

Left to Right - Dakarai Hill, Bradley Parks, Marie Allen and Randy Mothershed.

Left to Right: Dakarai Hill, Bradley Parks, Marie Allen and Randy Mothershed.

Q. 1: What is one of the most common questions you receive?
Bradley Parks:

“Why is my account locked, is one of the number one questions I receive. This is usually a password related issue, so I advise them to check their mobile phones and make sure that their password is updated across all of the devices and tools that are connected to their Health account.”

Q. 2: What is most interesting or exciting about being on the support team @ USF?
Dakarai Hill:

“I would say, it’s connecting and helping the customer to really get through a hard time. It’s about helping them to solve their problem.”

Q. 3: How has technology impacted your work process and interactions with customers?
Randy Mothershed:

“In particular, the live chat portal has increased our productivity. In the past, we’ve had to actually go out to fix a computer. Now we we can handle multiple issues for customers versus one computer at a time.”


How to Use Live Chat in 3 Steps

1. You can launch the Live Chat Portal by going to the Health IS homepage at Once you’re on the page, click on the Chat with a Support Tech’ option:

Health IS Home Page

Health IS Home Page

  1. Then, simply wait for a window that looks like the one below to pop-up on your screen.
Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support

  • Click the drop down arrow and select the issue most similar to what you’re experiencing.  
  • Type in your first and last name, as indicated in the second field.
  • Type your USF email address, as indicated in the third field.
  • Briefly describe your issue in the box provided, on the right.
  • Then, simply click the green ‘Submit’ button.


3. Once you’re done filling out all the necessary information fields, a new window will appear that looks like the one below, which will enable you to speak directly with a support technician.

Live Chat

All HSC members will see a screen like this one when opening the Live Chat.


This Live Chat tool will permit you to connect and speak with a support technician. That said, please note that for those in need of remote support, a service level agreement will first ask you to grant the support technician the permission to enable a screen sharing session. This will enable them to control and adjust various issues within your desktop and programs in order to resolve your issue, quickly.

The Live Chat Portal allows the Support Desk to manage technical issues for the HSC community with instant communication, remote support and excellent efficiency. Check it out, anytime!


Happy Computing!