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Introducing The New Travel Request Process For Archivum!

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Thanks to four very hardworking USF IT teams, on July 1st a brand new feature will be coming to Archivum! In order to streamline the USF travel request process, it has been moved primarily to Archivum!

What is a travel request?

The travel request is the initial step of the traveling process, which includes receiving authorization from your human resources representative and any necessary funding for your trip.

There are many steps that go into authorizing a travel request, including the mandatory auditing process. Because travel compensations involve university money, the state statutes require each individual travel expense request be audited. It can take up to five weeks to complete this auditing process. Throughout it, the traveler would likely be unaware that it was even taking place.

How has Archivum changed the travel request process?

Prior to the new transition to its Archivum base, the process of requesting travel authorization consisted of a mix of email correspondence and face-to-face communication. Now, through Archivum, employees will have a straightforward, completely digital way of tracking the progress of their requests!

Businessman checking his travel request status on Archivum

With Archivum, travelers have complete access to their request in every stage of the process!

With this new method, travel expense requests will be expedited greatly through an uploadable receipts feature. Travelers can take photos of the receipts for their hotel and other expenses, and then upload them directly onto their dashboard in Archivum. Not only will this improve the timeline of the auditing process, but it will also prevent complications from lost travel receipts!

Before the transition to Archivum, the travel team would have to enter the requests into the system and the travelers wouldn’t have access into the system. Now, with Archivum, travelers have complete access to their request in every stage of the process!

How can you access it?

To file a new travel request or check the progress of an ongoing one, use your net ID and password to log in here. Then, select the ‘Reports’ button from the top navigation bar to find your Travel Dashboard. Your profile can be accessed on any device that connects to the Internet. However, if you’re using a mobile device, you’ll want to download the Appian app. From the app you’ll be able to log into your Archivum account and proceed on with your Travel Requests, just as you would from a desktop computer.

Travel Request Instructions

For more information on the new travel request feature of Archivum, please click here.