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Desktop Emergency Notification System Deployment

The University is expanding its emergency communication channels to include alerts to your USF Health desktop computer.  Installation of the software began several months ago by USF Health IS, and these installations are continuing by means of our automated deployment system.  The software is being installed on Windows/MAC computers that are owned by USF, and on the USF Health Network.  This software will not be installed on student machines, or personally owned machines and devices.

*****MAC Users***** Due to technical issues MAC users will need to contact the USF Health IS service desk by going to our website and using one of the help links on the right side of the page.  A technician can install it remotely via our chat portal (link is on that page), so you can receive service quickly.

Once installed no matter what platform is being used you will not need to do anything to get the software to work, it will run automatically and pop up on your screen when an alert is sent out.

During an actual emergency, your computer desktop will temporarily display the same emergency alert text that is sent via MoBull Messenger (USF’s Text Message Service).  Clicking on the “ACKNOWLEDGE” button will dismiss the alert and you will be able to continue with your work.

If you are unsure if the software is on your machine, or have any other questions please contact USF Health IS –