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High-tech laboratory with diagnostic equipment.

In the 20th century, at the beginning, most of the world was agricultural and industry was very primitive. At the end of that century, we had men in orbit, we had been to the moon, we had people with cell phones and color televisions and the Internet and amazing medical technology of all kinds” ~ Writer, David Gerrold

Healthcare Technology Making Life Better

I don’t know about you but when and if I ever need to seek out a medical professional for anything that’s gone awry in my body or that of a family member’s, I’m counting on not just the best possible examination of the problem but the best technological resources available to get to a diagnosis. Whether it’s the common cold or a serious disease, I’m counting on my medical community’s ability to gain access to and utilize the research-driven, results-based healthcare technology that will shape my immediate future.

Using electronic health record a.k.a. EHR software, my doctor’s can easily pull up my personal information to review essential, up-to-date details on my medical history in seconds during any visits. If I become sick, they can combine skill with cutting-edge diagnostic programs that sync up my symptoms with other relevant factors and then, align them with a range of probable causes in order to isolate a solid diagnosis and treatment(s). And if I ever need an operation, I can rest assured that high quality medical imaging technology (i.e. device and software) will give them a realistic picture of the area of concern before a single incision is ever made. Not to mention the many technological advances, which have been made in academic and clinical training environments to guarantee that each graduating class is fully prepared to bring a new level of excellence to the field for patients and healthcare communities, across the globe.

The decisions made by our predecessors in the fields of healthcare and information technology to collaborate for a better future, have brought us a long way and enabled us to raise the quality of patient care. We’ve already come such a long way. The exciting thing is that it’s inevitably going to get so much better. So where can we look next for those incremental and potentially, revolutionary steps towards progress and preeminence in healthcare? Read on to find out how.


Technology Revolutionizing Healthcare

Oftentimes the greatest source of change, even in our incredibly innovative information technology sector, will come from the thing that we take for granted. Consider for example, our common computers and simple smartphones. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 sitting on my desk right now and I’m betting that you also have pretty similar that’s not too far from your own fingertips, in a pocket, purse or upon a tabletop.

With the advances that have already been made in augmented reality a.k.a. AR alongside beacon technology for mobile devices, we can transition today’s traditional hospitals and healthcare facilities into even more patient-friendly spaces. For example, by offering AR-capable, mobile dashboards with options for anything from instant check-in, scheduling, and wait time results to guided wayfinding and tour options. So, if your waiting room suddenly begins to overflow, you could use mobile messages to let patients in on details and directions to an on-site cafe (e.g. free coffee during peak wait times) or a promotional wellness class to check-out until the wait wraps up. We can already look at apps like the recent Pokemon Go to see that for many people mobile impressions do indeed matter. Ask yourself, what benefits could this technology bring to my healthcare community?

IT in Healthcare

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“The Peter Paul Rubens Museum in Antwerp uses Beacon technology and augmented reality to enhance visitors’ experience by providing a virtual, interactive guide that gives visitors additional information about their surroundings based on location. The application provides visitors with additional information around the museum’s works of art, guided tours, and interactive games,” (

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Today’s Innovations Shape Tomorrow

Healthcare Technology

Technology in Healthcare

We have to put in the work and invest money in healthcare technology today to get to the progress we want for both medical practitioners and patients, tomorrow. Advances in areas such as, AR and VR are available along with a huge number of applications (e.g. medical, educational, entertainment) for us to benefit from because of the initiative and support of the pioneers that were willing to investigate and support their potential early on. They took notice of and made an investment into teams that were committed to building the software required to make progress a priority for billions of people. That is nothing short of amazing. But guess what? It’s only the beginning and we can collaborate to do better.

“We cannot forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own,” (Civil Rights Activist, Cesar Chavez).

There is work that needs doing and we all have a role to play in a brighter tomorrow. Let us not waste a single valuable moment. Let’s get to work, together for a better future!



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