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Robot customer service operator with headset and speech bubbles

Chatbots: From Shoe Sales to Healthcare

Posted on April 11, 2017

There are many different types of chatbots, and each one has a different level of ability. Some are able to give a preliminary diagnosis of a medical condition. Some are able to give advice to moms new to breastfeeding. There’s even a bot capable of ordering Domino’s pizza for you! What is a Chatbot? A chatbot provides […]

AI Robot Thinking About Itself

AI Awakening

Posted on February 2, 2017

“Anything that could give rise to smarter-than-human intelligence – in the form of Artificial Intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, or neuroscience-based human intelligence enhancement – wins hands down beyond contest as doing the most to change the world. Nothing else is even in the same league,” A.I. Researcher and Writer, Eliezer Yudkowsky. . What’s Happening With AI […]

Robot with AI

The Rise of AI & Smart Tech

Posted on January 4, 2017

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” ~ Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Esteemed Science and Science Fiction Writer   Unleashing AI (Artificial Intelligence) What is AI? AI stands for artificial intelligence. AI pertains to computers that have the ability to gain information and make decisions in order to achieve a goal. Some would say […]