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Technology Trends: Amazing Applications

“We like apps that helps us with productivity, collaboration, sharing, and adding cats when we’re editing our photos,” (USF Technology Blog, 2014)

Digital Applications

Digital Applications

Trending Technology Tools

Digital applications or programs rank among the most well known and commonly used technology tools by the average individual. They help us to accomplish a wide variety of tasks such as, keeping track of the many things in our daily to-do lists and making impromptu audio recordings of mental notes to type up later in the day. You probably have several useful apps stored in your mobile phone that you take advantage of on a regular basis. Nevertheless, in the realm of technology innovation is a constant. That means that we can expect the app world to continuously evolve and deliver greater products for consumers. To help you stay up to date with some of the latest and most popular options, we’ve compiled a list including ten of the best, recently released digital applications designed to make your life easier from the office and the classroom to your home. Check it out, below:

Top Ten Digital Applications

1. USF Health’s Archivum Application

Archivum adds essential automation into the student advising process, making life easier for students and administrators alike.

2. Tumult Hype Professional

This is an HMTL5-based creation app for animation, E-Learning content and game creation. Instructional Designers everywhere, will want to check out this incredible app.

3. USF Health MyChart

MyChart is a cloud based application designed as both, a more modern patient portal system and as a portable tool that enables users to quickly and easily view their USF Health medical records. This is a valuable tool for all patients of USF Health.

MyChart App

MyChart App

4. Goals in Google Calendar

Make and manage your goals, large or small, with this convenient app from Google. Business professionals will find this especially helpful for managing day-to-day details.

5. USF Health I.S. Live Chat

Live Chat is available to members of the USF community for troubleshooting technical problems, as well as to provide guidance for your computer, electronic equipment, software and applications. Students should absolutely take a look at this online advantage.

USF Health Live Chat

USF Health’s Live Chat

6. Virtual Desktop

Use this desktop app to work and play around in virtual environments via the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headsets. We’ve rated this app, ‘E’ for everyone.

7. Instructables

Investigate, innovate and invent something new to share with the world, while learning from projects and products designed by fellow developers. Technologists may find this especially inspiring.

8. Tiny Scanner

Harness the power of your mobile phone to easily scan important documents for school or work at anytime. Students on-the-go will find this to be a terrific time-saver.

9. Rescue Time

Monitor the minutes you spend in different applications (e.g. Facebook, G-Mail, etc.) and improve your time-management. This is especially useful for students and business professionals.

10. Basket

Save and organize the articles, videos, and links you come across on and offline. This app offers convenience and saves time for anyone on-the-go.

Happy Computing!