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USF Health Alumnization



What is Aluminzation?

Alumnization will be the new process to affect graduating USF Health students moving forward. This will affect only USF Health email accounts — the user will be able to retain access to e-mail indefinitely as an alumni of USF Health, however other systems access will not be retained (only e-mail).


For alumni who become faculty and staff at USF Health, system access will, of course, be restored throughout the duration of their service. In the event that faculty or staff member leaves, AND they graduated from USF Health (not main campus) they would default to Alumni status and retain email only at that point.


Note: Non-degree seeking and undeclared students will not default to alumni status if they leave USF Health without a degree, so they will not be able to keep their e-mail accounts. If you have any further questions about the alumnization process, please contact the USF Health Information Systems Support Desk.