Mission Statement

The goal of Collegia at the Morsani College of Medicine is to promote near-peer and professional mentoring to medical students that will help them navigate the world of medicine more efficiently and effectively throughout their years at MCOM and beyond.

Executive Board

Thomas Dougherty

Orange Collegia Chair

Anna Radisic

Yellow Collegia Chair

Gabriel Rivera Delgado

Pink Collegia Chair

Amanda Holstein

Black Collegia Chair

Michelle Hong

Red Collegia Chair

Kaitlyn Littlejohn

Purple Collegia Chair

Alex Leonard

Green Collegia Chair

Sarah Bauch

Light Blue Collegia Chair

Stephanie Morris

Dark Blue Collegia Chair

Jose Jesurajan

Events Director

Katryna Thomas

President of the Collegia Council

Katherine Murphy

Events Director

Gabrielle Gostigian

Business/Creative Director

Sri Harsha Palakurty

Commerce Director

Jordana Herr

Business/Creative Director

Saksham Varshney

Director of Collegia