Posted on Mar 27, 2015

Big nursing bear gets a name

Big nursing bear gets a name

The mysterious big bear that’s been roaming around USF Nursing for months, now has a name! His name is…Gordon!! USF Nursing students, faculty and staff came up with hundreds of creative names for the fuzzy bear, but Gordon takes the top spot.

My name is GORDON

Scott Burgess, academic advisor and associate director for USF Nursing student services, came up with the meaningful name, which recognizes our connection with the Gordon Keller School of Nursing.

USF College of Nursing adopted Gordon Keller’s alumnae after the school closed its doors in 1972. The Gordon Keller alumnae subsequently established the Gordon Keller Alumni Association Scholarship to support nursing students and the Gordon Keller School of Nursing Professorship.

Scott Burgess

Burgess receives a small bear for giving the big bear the perfect name.

That is why the “executive naming committee” identified Gordon as the perfect name for such a big, fuzzy bear. Gordon brings smiles, happiness and hope. He brings students, faculty and staff together to transform healthcare and transform lives in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

The furry friend, dressed in the USF Nursing uniform and bow tie, represents the college and our mission throughout the community. His joyful look also matches the college’s B.E.A.R.S. campaign mission, which is now an annual tradition.

Students, faculty and staff all participated in the naming contest, and USF Nursing Media and Communications recently hosted a two-day event where everyone had an opportunity to submit names and take selfies with the bear. The contest was also made available online.

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