Posted on Apr 13, 2012

Boland and Brewster Receive Student of the Month Community Service Award

Boland and Brewster Receive Student of the Month Community Service Award



March 2012 Undergraduate Student recipient: William Boland

William volunteered to administer free PPD shots to faculty and students at the College of Nursing. He also led and managed students, veterans, and citizens in trying to pass a bill (SB922) (HB977) to provide veterans with instate tuition in Florida, priority course registration, and other veteran friendly legislation. William and others have been fighting for this since early 2010. Currently, the Senate Bill has passed all committees and the House Bill has passed two committees unanimously.

March 2012 Graduate Student recipient: Glenna Brewster

Glenna volunteered with ElderNet at the Tampa Bay Crisis Center between two to four hours weekly. She makes calls to elders who often lack a support system and live alone. These calls to ElderNet clients provide some daily interaction for these individuals and let them know that someone cares. Glenna is also the secretary of Delta Beta at Large the USF-UT chapter of Sigma Theta Tau and a member of the mentoring committee of the chapter. She mentors a first-year community college pre-nursing student. As a mentor, Glenna uses her past experiences to guide her mentee on how to plan her courses and from where to seek additional experiences to guide her ultimate decision about which nursing path to pursue.

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