Posted on Nov 21, 2018

Bull Nurse Wins Praise, Daisy Award

Bull Nurse Wins Praise, Daisy Award

A USF College of Nursing nurse practitioner student was recently recognized for her commitment to patients and families.

Olivia Pardi, a clinical nurse on the surgical neuroscience unit at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, received the Daisy Award in August. The recognition, given by the hospital, honors an extraordinary nurse who shows compassion, provides excellent clinical care, and advocates for children and their families.

A parent of a patient nominated Pardi for the award, noting the nurse’s dedication to making their daughter Francesca’s recovery smooth.

“Olivia came in and knew how to comfort Franny; she helped her manage her pain as medications wore off. Olivia spoke to Franny like she was a friend she had known. She not only took care of Franny’s health, but she took care of her heart.”

The parent described Pardi as a “gift to every patient.”

“She was an expert in moving Franny in and out and side to side in the bed — this was a critical part of her recovery as an orthopedic patient — as well as making sure she was always comfortable.”

Hospital supervisors agreed, noting that Pardi exemplifies service standards each day. She joined the facility’s surgical neuroscience unit in March 2017 when she began the hospital’s RN Residency Program.

“She does a phenomenal job establishing a good rapport with patients and families and is a great advocate. Olivia is funny, kind, caring and compassionate, with exceptional assessment skills. Always positive, Olivia uplifts those around her,” wrote a leader in the unit.