Posted on Apr 18, 2016

CRNA student runs the race of a lifetime [VIDEO]

CRNA Student, Meghan Mattson, loves to run. She says, running gives her drive. It gives her positivity and endless energy.

Her passion for running began as exercise. But, after many competitive marathons, she knew she was a professional runner.

Mattson, who attends the Nurse Anesthesia program at USF, is now training to run the 2016 Boston Marathon. She says, she still can’t believe she qualified to run in one of the most prestigious marathons in the world.


“Qualifying for the Boston Marathon last year was a dream come true,” Mattson said. “I never thought I would be fast enough to qualify, but I am really humbled and honored that I did.”

The Boston Marathon is the oldest and most prominent annual marathon in the world. The 2016 race will be held on April 18. This year, Mattson will be one of 30,000 people to run in the race.

“Running in the Boston Marathon is every runner’s dream, so this is kind one of those pinch-me moments,” Mattson said. “I can’t believe I put in the hard work. I am so excited to do this.”

Mattson takes this opportunity seriously. She has been training rigorously for more than six months with the help of a professional coach. “I do two days of speed work. I do two days of recovery, and then on the weekends I do a long run, which goes for 18 to 22 miles,” she said.

Completing the CRNA course work and training for the race has been a challenge for Mattson, but not an obstacle. Strong support from her CRNA professors, classmates, friends and family, have made the training experience a lot easier.

“My friends and family have been a huge support system,” Mattson said. “They know this experience will be a benefit to me and my career as a healthcare professional.”

As a future nurse anesthetists, Mattson hopes to use this experience to help educate her future patients about health and wellness to improve their quality of life.

Story by Vjollca Hysenlika
Video by Vjollca Hysenlika and Ryan Noone