Posted on Aug 3, 2010

Diversity Committee Seeks to Increase Student Involvement

Diversity Committee Seeks to Increase Student Involvement

Nursing master’s student, Pam Lozano, in traditional Peruvian attire, and her brother, a future nursing student, at the 3rd Annual College of Nursing Diversity Celebration.

The USF College of Nursing Diversity Committee is looking forward to an exciting list of priorities and strategic objectives for this year. These objectives range from increasing student involvement and examining student success to hosting the 4th Annual Diversity Celebration.

The mission of the Diversity Committee is to create and maintain a fully inclusive environment that actively promotes and values diversity in its broadest sense. Specifically this includes ensuring broad representation of students, faculty, and staff across multiple indicators of diversity defined by age, gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic level, national origin, religious belief, and sexual orientation, as well as by prior educational attainment and work experience that are cross-disciplinary. The committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss issues pertinent to the mission.

In accordance with its objective to increase student involvement, the committee is partnering with students such as Pam Lozano, President of the Masters Student Nursing Organization and Diversity Committee Student Representative. Student participation and input is central to “Translating the Mission Statement of the College of Nursing Diversity Committee into a plan of action” (USF College of Nursing Strategic Plan).

For Pam, reaching out to a broad representation of students is important because it gives them “hope that higher education can be possible despite the struggles of speaking another language or having cultural differences. It provides students with role models and mentors throughout their nursing education
process.” She participates in the College of Nursing Diversity Committee because “USF has the ability and resources to truly make a change for nursing students by offering education, research, and resources regarding diversity in healthcare settings.” Pam hopes that nursing students will get involved in multicultural activities offered throughout the University. Students from the College of Nursing currently participate in the Annual Diversity Celebration
and Cultural Competence Seminar as well as in the USF Health Cultural Fiesta.

The Diversity Committee welcomes student input. Any suggestions on activities or services to involve and/or serve students can be emailed to

Story by Marcia Parker
Photo by Luis Battistini
Originally published in the Summer 2010 Nursing Life magazine