Posted on Jul 2, 2014

Dr. Barbara Redding receives USF Distinguished Service award

Dr. Barbara Redding receives USF Distinguished Service award

IMG_6197_6x41 For almost four decades, USF College of Nursing’s Dr. Barbara Redding has been an advocate for students. To her, students are the stars. They are her priority.

Her success, she says, is measured by her students’ success. And for the last 40 years, Dr. Redding, professor and director for program evaluation at USF College of Nursing, has seen thousands of students achieve their dreams year after year.

“I have a special relationship with my students,” Dr. Redding said. “They are the reason why I do what I do.”

Dr. Redding began her career at USF College of Nursing in 1975 as an instructor. Since then, she has become an exemplary leader within the college and the university. Throughout the years, she has held several leadership positions within USF College of Nursing as well as served in a variety of committees within USF.

As a result, Dr. Redding recently received the Distinguished Service Award from the USF Graduate Council. She received this award for her outstanding performance and long-lasting contribution to the committee. She served in the graduate council as chair/co-chair in the curriculum committee and chair of the curriculum sub-committee for six years–longer than anyone else.

Dr. Redding smiles as she holds her award from USF Graduate Council

“I was extremely honored to receive this award,” Dr. Redding said. “Since I began serving in this committee in 2008, my goal was to make a significant impact in USF students’ life.  And this award validates just that.”

Her commitment to students is also shown through her Barbara Redding Scholarship at USF College of Nursing. She established this scholarship five years ago to fund students completing their master’s in nursing education degrees.

Dr. Redding is a superstar. She is a champion, and she never stops. She continues to make a long-lasting impact on students, faculty and staff–and be part of the USF College of Nursing’s legacy.

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