Posted on Nov 19, 2009

Dr. Cadena to Dye Hair Purple to Help Students Raise Money for Panama

Dr. Cadena to Dye Hair Purple to Help Students Raise Money for Panama

Students from the Honors College, some of which are also from the College of Nursing, are traveling to Panama over the holiday break to volunteer and provide supplies to children in two centers in Panama. To raise money for their trip the students are having a fundraiser for the cause. As part of the fundraiser, when money is donated, votes are cast for a professor to dye his or her hair for a day. The professor with the most votes will be selected to dye their hair.

Dr. Sandra Cadena, Director of the Global Health program at the College of Nursing, is one of the professors who has signed up to have her hair dyed for a day to help encourage donations.

“The students going on the trip over the holiday will be supporting the same schools that the College of Nursing will be working with during the Summer 2010 trip,” said Dr. Cadena. “This is a great way to support the sustainability of projects in Panama.”

If you wish to contribute, and see Dr. Cadena dye her hair purple, please drop off your financial contribution to Ms. Sara Benson in the College of Nursing Undergraduate Programs Office. All donations will be given directly to the Honors College Panama fundraiser. The last day to contribute is Wednesday, November 25th.

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