Posted on Dec 18, 2018

Dr. Maureen Groer publishes in Psychiatry Research

Peng, X., Brenner, L. A., Mathai, A. J., Cook, T. B., Fuchs, D., Postolache, N., Groer, M. W., Pandey, J. P., Mohyuddin, F., Giegling, I., Wadhawan, A., Hartmann, A. M., Konte, B., Brundin, L., Friedl, M., Stiller, J. W., Lowry, C. A., Rujescu. D., Postolache, T. T. Moderation of the relationship between Toxoplasma gondii seropositivity and trait impulsivity in younger men by the phenylalanine-tyrosine ratio. Psychiatry Research. 270, 992-1000.