Posted on Jun 19, 2015

Info Session, Doctoral (PhD and DNP)

January 14, 2016 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
MDN 1060

For students who have a Bachelors or Master’s degree in Nursing, and are interested in receiving a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) or a Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD).

Students interested in Doctoral programs should register for the Info Sessions at:

For admissions criteria and program information, please refer to the website:

If you have a question about our programs or about how to apply, please consider attending an information session. If you are a prospective student interested in applying to any program in the College of Nursing, you are welcome to attend. Each session is scheduled to last one hour. Information sessions are open to prospective students only who are interesting in obtaining more information about the programs at the USF College of Nursing prior to the application process.

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