Posted on Feb 19, 2016

Faculty and students represent nursing at USF Health Research Day

Faculty and students represent nursing at USF Health Research Day

USF Nursing faculty and students presented their research at the 26th USF Health Research Day on Feb. 19 at USF Marshall Student Center. Students, from the college’s graduate programs and faculty presented on various topics during the day-long activity.

The annual event, brings together researchers from across USF Health colleges, programs and disciplines. The event recognizes the hard work of all USF Health researchers, students and trainees who continue to make significant contributions to the research mission of the university. The college of nursing was represented at the event by the following students and faculty:

Oral Presentation
– Jessica M Gordon, PhD student – Skin to Skin Contact and Salivary Oxytocin among Lactating Mothers of Premature Infants

Poster Presentations
– Elizabeth Frances & Joven Remo, DNP students – Statin Use in Heart Failure: Does it Prevent Subsequent MI? A Quality Improvement Project
– Carissa Alinat, PhD student – Genetic Polymorphisms Associated with Pain Among Breast Cancer Survivors (BCS)
– Nisha Vijayakumar, Doctoral student – Inter-rater Reliability of an Instrument to Categorize Exergame 
– Judith Jean-Pierre, master’s student – The Effects of Obesity in Law Enforcement Officers

Interdisciplinary Presentation
– Brian T. Graves, PhD, ARNP, ACNP-BC, Nirmani Karunathilake, MS, Michael S. Hong, MD, Timothy J. Fawcett, PhD & Peter R. Nelson MD – Trends, Outcomes, and Charges in the Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease in the State of Florida

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Photo by Eric Younghans, USF Health Communications