Posted on Jul 14, 2017

First pain management cohort completes certificate

First pain management cohort completes certificate

USF Nursing recently developed a highly innovative program of study to help understand and treat individuals with both acute and chronic pain issues.

The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Pain Management is one a few programs in the U.S. that provide a curriculum devoted to understanding the pathophysiology, transmission, and modulation of pain. Dr. John Maye a faculty member in the College of Nursing serves as the program director. “The program is designed to assist health care providers transform traditional views of pain and pain management through a more complete understanding of the processes involved with the facilitation and modulation of pain,” Dr. Maye said.  “Acute pain episodes if not managed promptly and efficiently have the potential to become more significant issues. All health care providers should possess advanced knowledge and skills with regard to pain and pain management.”

The first cohort of 20 students recently completed and received their graduate certificates. Those who enrolled in the fall of 2016, completed four online courses to include assessment and psychology of pain, concepts of pain pathophysiology, pharmacology of pain management, and interventional procedures/simulation in pain. The curriculum is challenging and has direct applicability for those who care for patients. The students that enroll in the program have a strong desire to know more about how pain is generated. More importantly, they want to use the most recent available evidence to help facilitate preventative and multimodal treatment strategies.

As the first cohort completed the certificate, the popularity of the program has increased substantially. This fall, the program accepted 30 students and there is currently a waitlist. To meet the increased demand Dr. Maye has also grown his adjunct faculty by four, three of which are students that recently completed the certificate.

“The classes were informative and I enjoyed the hands on experience as well,” said Steve Marquardt. “I certainly gained a vast amount of knowledge in pain assessment and conditions. The knowledge benefits me and my community.”

For information, visit Advance Pain Management Certificate.

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Story by Jessica Samaniego, USF College of Nursing Communications & Marketing Officer