Posted on May 5, 2023

Future nurses from Palm Harbor Middle School visit USF College of Nursing

Future nurses from Palm Harbor Middle School visit USF College of Nursing

19 Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) Club members from Palm Harbor Middle School gathered at the USF College of Nursing to learn about the many educational pathways and opportunities in nursing. These ambitious middle school students met with faculty members, Florida Center for Nursing leadership, the admissions team, and current Bull nursing students to take a deep dive into the profession.

“The Florida Center for Nursing was honored to be part of this experience for such an earnest group,” explained Executive Director Rayna Letourneau, “they are the potential future nurses that will care for the people of Florida.”

HOSA students visited the Biobehavioral Lab and learned about the college’s current research enterprise. They even performed some fun experiments, including Alka-Seltzer lava lamps and a glow-germ hand-washing activity.

“This field trip will hopefully be the first of many initiatives with Palm Harbor Middle School, as well as with other schools across the Tampa Bay area,” said Alicia Rossiter, USF College of Nursing associate dean of alumni and community relations. “We look forward to educating and inspiring the next generation of nurses about the academic path and career opportunities in nursing.”

Middle School Student holding hands under magnifying glass

A special thanks to Nataliya Kuzmin and the volunteers who shaped this experience:

Intro to Nursing: Dr. Alicia Rossiter and Dr. Ivonne Hernandez
Opportunities in Nursing: Dr. Rayna Letourneau, Ana Sanchez, Anna Paulusiak, and Alexandria “Alexa” Edney
Biobehavioral Lab Activity: Hailey Morgan, Bradley Kane, and Sapna Patel
College Advising: Ashely Ros and Allison Hilton