Posted on Dec 7, 2010

Jose and Robertson Receive Student of the Month Community Service Awards

Jose and Robertson Receive Student of the Month Community Service Awards

The USF College of Nursing Student of the Month Community Service Award is given monthly and recognizes students who volunteer in the community outside of their nursing program requirements. The College wants to recognize those students who make the effort and take time to give back to the community.

Jose and Robertson STOM USF Nursing

December 2010 Undergraduate Student recipient: Elisea Jose

Ms. Elisea Jose was one of the original founders of the club, Raising the Awareness of Violence Against Women. This organization began over a year ago and has over 28 women. It has already had a profound impact in helping and educating women on and off the USF Campus. She has been involved with her organization to host many events including an event to educate about the dangers of alcohol abuse among college students and Beneath the Fa├žade, an event where several women shared their personal stories of abuse. Elisea also helps growing organizations helping women on and off the USF campus. Elisea chose to help found this organization to help other women. She was nominated for this award by a faculty member in the College of Nursing.

December 2010 Graduate Student recipient: Marty Robertson

Marty serves as a Unit Commissioner for Skyway District, West Central Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He is also the Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 305 in St. Petersburg. As Unit Commissioner, he oversees two Cub Scout Packs and three Boy Scout Troops. He has had to work closely with each of these units to help them plan, organize, and carry out their programs. Before starting as their Unit Commissioner, these units were struggling and in danger of folding. With his help, the units are able to provide a scouting opportunity to the boys in their neighborhood. Two of the units are on the south side of St. Petersburg. These units provide an opportunity for underprivileged boys to participate in Boy Scouts. Scouting teaches citizenship to the boys as well as helps them to develop their individual moral compass in a healthy, fun environment. Many of the boys in these units do not have a positive male role model in their lives. Scouting provides this role model to the boys. Without these programs, boys in these neighborhoods would only have the neighborhood gangs as a role model. Marty has been in Scouting since he was 7 years old. He is an Eagle Scout and mentors other Scouts to achieve their Eagle Scout rank; the highest rank in Scouting only achieved by 4% of the boys who start in scouting. Marty believes Scouting is an important program and teaches boys values, morals, and leadership skills.