Posted on Jan 9, 2012

New Look for USF Nursing Student Uniforms

New Look for USF Nursing Student Uniforms

University of South Florida College of Nursing student uniforms have a new look. This is particularly exciting to us, as it began as a suggestion from our own students! Thank you to all the students, faculty, staff and alumni who have worked on planning to make this possible.

Uniforms are already being worn by some of the USF College of Nursing Student Council representatives. We thank them for their assistance and for agreeing to be our live models.

The uniforms are available for purchase through the manufacturer MorLuv at

University of South Florida College of Nursing student uniforms have a new look.

Key features of the new uniforms include:

  1. These uniforms are branded to USF, USF Health and the College of Nursing
  2. The uniforms are made out of a new age material that is treated and dyed to be durable, comfortable, color fast, anti-microbial and stain-resistant.
  3. The uniforms have been designed to with comfort, stretch-ability in mind, maximizing number of pockets, and still maintaining a professional look.
  4. The lab coats are available in three lengths for the BS, MS and doctoral levels, and have Velcro pocket on the inside to carry and iPad or similar electronic equipment.

Take a closer look at the detail in the brochure: USF-Nursing Custom Uniform-MorLuv 2011sm

The uniforms will be required beginning with our incoming BS upper division and 2nd Bachelor students for Summer 2012. However, any student, faculty, alumni who wishes to purchase one may do so through the website above. Initial orders will be shipped by the end of January.

We are excited about the new look and proud that you helped make it happen!