Posted on May 20, 2011

New Student Nurses Pledge Professionalism

New Student Nurses Pledge Professionalism

On April 14th 2011, incoming baccalaureate nursing students not only received their clinical team, a single healthcare organization or team of hospitals with which they will complete their entire clinical experience, they also took a pledge of professionalism to mark their entry into the nursing program as University of South Florida student nurses.

University of South Florida Nurse Professionalism Pledge

I solemnly pledge myself to live up to the high ideals of the University of South Florida College of Nursing and my chosen profession.

I will uphold my commitment to academic honesty, accountability, confidentiality, and ethical practice throughout my training and the remainder of my professional life.

I will act in a professional manner and protect the safety and welfare of my patients, fellow nurses, and my community.

I will remember that my actions reflect not only upon myself, but upon The USF College of Nursing and the profession of nursing.

I will strive to maintain the values of the College by embodying personal and professional integrity; by actively partaking in the generation, exploration and application of new knowledge; and by developing partnerships with other students, nurses, and members of the healthcare team.

I voluntarily make this pledge of professionalism as witnessed by my fellow USF College of Nursing students, faculty, and alumni.

University of South Florida Professionalism Student Nurse Pin

To remind them of the professionalism pledge that they made that day in the presence of alumni, faculty and their peers, the students are presented with a Student Nurse Professionalism pin. The Professionalism pin sets in motion the cycle of USF Nursing milestones beginning with the pinning of our student nurses upon entry into the program, the College pin given to students at the completion of their coursework to celebrate entry into the profession, and the GEMS (Graduates Exemplifying Many Successes) pin presented during USF Homecoming to alumni celebrating their 35th graduation anniversary to recognize the legacy of their nursing careers.