Posted on Jul 14, 2015

Nursing professor to ride bike across country to raise money for polio disease

Nursing professor to ride bike across country to raise money for polio disease

It was back in 1965 when Dr. Nicholas Hall took his first 1,830-mile bike ride across the country. His second ride was in 1967…putting in 2,500 miles. He did this as a hobby after finishing his summer day job as an alligator wrestler and rattlesnake milker.

Now, 50 years later and at 67 years old, he is doing it again. This will be his longest ride yet at 3,060 miles.

Using a 10-speed bike that looks exactly like his first ride, Dr. Hall will travel from San Diego, Ca to St. Augustine, Fla, starting on July 16.

“This ride has a special meaning as it commemorates my first bike adventures,” said Dr. Hall, who is a professor at USF Nursing. “Before I begin this journey, I plan to visit a local zoo and wrestle an alligator for old-times’ sake.”

Dr. Nicholas Hall takes bike ride across country

For Dr. Hall, this ride is not just symbolic, it is also meaningful. He is using this opportunity to raise money for polio disease through Rotary International, a non-profit organization that brings worldwide groups together to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. In collaboration with Rotary International, Dr. Hall is also working with ShelterBox USA to raise money for people affected by disasters and humanitarian crises.

Bill and Melina Gates Foundation has promised to match all the money raised from Dr. Hall’s bike ride.

This journey will be an adventure for Dr. Hall. He says he will ride 130 miles, ten hours per day – going about 13 miles per hour. He plans to reach the finish line in 27 days.

“At the end of each day, I plan to camp in parks or concealed areas along the side of the road,” Dr. Hall said. “I may stay in a cheap hotel once a week, but only if necessary.”

Dr. Hall is not only adventurous, he is also an internationally known psychoneuroimmunologist who has written several books and conducted extensive research on emotions and health. Besides his faculty position at USF Nursing, he is also the director of the Saddlebrook Resort wellness center, where he trains leading corporations and elite athletes how to deal with personal and professional challenges.

Dr. Hall will track his ride using his smart phone and a GPS. During his month-long adventure, he plans to provide constant updates on a Facebook Page set up in his honor: Pedal Power to End Polio.

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Written by Vjollca “V” Hysenlika