Posted on Nov 19, 2009

Nursing Simulator Baby, “Rocky”, Helps Kick-Off Unstoppable Campaign

Nursing Simulator Baby, “Rocky”, Helps Kick-Off Unstoppable Campaign

Supporters of USF Health kicked off the USF: Unstoppable campaign Tuesday evening, Oct. 20, by toasting with pomegranate “Health-tinis,” playing with a simulator baby used to teach nursing and medical students, and getting free flu shots.It was all part of a gala to launch the public phase of the most comprehensive capital campaign in USF’s history. The goal: to raise $600 million.

The star of the show may have been the exhibit’s youngest member: the simulator baby. Faculty members from the College of Nursing dressed the baby in a “Future Bull” T-shirt and named him Rocky to mark the occasion. A steady stream of visitors came to play with Rocky, hearing him cry, feeling his heart beat, and even watching him turn blue because of breathing difficulties. Each time, of course, he was swiftly rescued by clinical instructor Jenny Molloy and teaching lab assistant Freida Lahti, who demonstrated some of the skills that nursing and medical students learn by caring for Rocky.

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