Posted on Sep 29, 2016

Nursing staff join forces to change the game

Nursing staff join forces to change the game

Staff have joined forces to influence change at USF College of Nursing.

The staff council, one of only a few throughout USF, was initiated to provide a voice for staff and make a difference within the college community. The council includes staff at all levels throughout the college.

Zuzana Moore, current chair for USF Nursing’s Staff Council, said the group is on its way to improve communication within the college, address staff concerns and increase staff involvement in decision-making.

“We’re a support system for staff,” said Moore. “This is a place where staff can feel safe and have a voice about the college and where we’re heading as an institution.”

The staff council consists of four leading members:

  • Zuzana Moore, chair
  • Quishaundra Harris, co-chair
  • Ashley Sanford, communications officer
  • Monique Driver, secretary

The group has received great interest from faculty, staff and leadership. Many have also provided monetary contributions to buy t-shirts.

“The college cares about staff, their wants and needs. Our goal is to become partners with faculty and leadership, and serve as equal decision-makers in important issues that affect staff within the college.”

During their monthly meetings, the group has open conversations about different issues and recognizes staff with awards and t-shirts.

For more information about how to participate or support the staff council, contact Moore at or call at 814-974-1356.