Posted on Apr 30, 2015

Students take part in NCLEX prep tournament

Students take part in NCLEX prep tournament

It was March Madness at USF College of Nursing! Students took part in the annual college sports phenomenon in March by holding a NCLEX Prep Tournament. No, it didn’t involve basketball. Instead, they took this opportunity to prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).


Cheryl Zambroski, PhD, RN, associate professor at USF Nursing, put together the NCLEX tournament using the game board and NCLEX questions from RNtertainment to help students prepare for their upcoming NCLEX exam.

“Through these NCLEX games, we wanted to give students a chance to study for NCLEX exam in groups and in a competitive environment,” Dr. Zambroski said. “This method seems to work. Students’ feedback has been encouraging. So, we hope this helps students perform well on the actual exam.”


Students were separated in eight different teams and competed against each other in three rounds of games. Some of the top teams included Florence and the Nightingales, Keep Calm and Nurse On, We Make Scrubs Look Good, CABG Patch Dolls, IV Leaguers, and more.

USF Nursing NCLEX Games

During all three rounds, the games got competitive. However, only one team took the top spot. Florence and the Nightingales scored the highest points and won the games. Along with the title, the winning team won a special USF Nursing gift certificate and gift bags.

NCLEX Preparation

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