Posted on Dec 16, 2010

Pinning Ceremony Fall 2010

Pinning Ceremony Fall 2010

Over 550 alumni, faculty, staff, students and their friends attended the fall 2010 USF College of Nursing Pinning Ceremony featuring the Alumni Path of Light on Friday, December 10th at the Marshall Student Center Ballroom.

“The Path of Light is an important part of our USF Pinning tradition and is symbolic of the graduating students’ entrance into the nursing procession,” said Dean Dianne Morrison-Beedy in her opening address.

121 baccalaureate students crossed the stage with an unbelievable 38% finishing with honors.

Melissa Molinari-Shelton, Vice President of the Alumni and Friends Society Board presented the USF Nursing Alumni Nightingale Award.  Awarded by their peers, the recipients best represented the ideals of the College of Nursing and the profession of nursing in a positive light.  Melissa Barrido and Irina Carranza tied for the traditional program and Konstantina Rose received the award for the second degree program.  Other award recipients are listed below.

Leadership award: Irina Carranza and Kristen Rockwell

Service award: Jenna Akers and Denise Jarrett

Clinical Excellence Award: Sophie Eusebio and Viviann “Stephanie” Pederson

Spirit of Nursing Award: Shanise Guy and Laura Johnson

Academic Excellence: Lindsey Dosal, Ashley Harper, Donna Wofford

College of Nursing Student Government leaders, Irina Carranza and Kristen Rockwell addressed their fellow students and recognized Dean Dianne Morrison-Beedy with an award from the students.

“You are our stars, now go out and shine!” said Dean Dianne Morrison-Beedy.

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