Posted on Oct 18, 2016

Running changes nursing professor’s life [VIDEO]

To Dr. Cheryl Zambroski, running gives her strength. It gives her power and a sense of renewed energy.

“Running has changed my life,” said Dr. Zambroski. “I’ve never considered myself to be athletic, but this new passion has been transformational for my mind, body and spirit.”

Dr. Zambroski started running as a hobby several years ago. But after taking part in the 39th Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Oct. 9, she felt like a true marathoner.

“Running this race for the first time in my life, was an unforgettable experience,” said Dr. Zambroski. “It felt good. It felt like I accomplished something indescribable.”


Dr. Zambroski, associate professor and director for undergraduate student success at USF Nursing, was one of 40,000 participants from around the world to run the marathon. More than 1.7 million spectators watched the race from the sidelines.

“The race was hard, but the energy from the crowds kept me going. The volunteers and the spectators cheered me on all the way, and I never felt like quitting,” said Dr. Zambroski.

This was Dr. Zambroski’s first marathon, reaching the finish line in just under six and a half hours. Click here to view her entire journey.

Dr. Zambroski says this new passion has made her realize the importance of health and wellness –pushing her to be a better nurse and a better educator.

“Through this whole experience I have learned that, as an educator, I have to try to practice what I preach. To set an example, I have to be concerned about my own health and well-being before I can teach and inspire others.”

Besides the Chicago marathon, Dr. Zambroski has run five half marathons and several smaller races.

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Story and video by Vjollca Hysenlika