Posted on Apr 12, 2011

T-shirt Sales to Support Supplies for Nursing Clinical Experience in Panama

T-shirt Sales to Support Supplies for Nursing Clinical Experience in Panama

This year 60 nursing students will be traveling to Panama to set up clinics and work with indigenous people. As a fundraiser nursing students have designed a t-shirt to represent not only the University of South Florida College of Nursing, but USF Health as a whole, as they are aiming their focus on the multidisciplinary effort of healthcare. T-shirts are $12 each and must be pre-ordered.

Support USF Nursing in Panama - Pre-order your fundraiser T-shirt Today!

Proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts will be used to purchase supplies for the Community Health International Clinical Experiences in Panama, such as basic medical supplies, school supplies, as well as diapers and other essentials. USF Nursing faculty and students have become Official Volunteers of the American Red Cross, and as result all of the supplies gathered will be sent to Panama completely free of charge.

Please support the Nursing faculty and students traveling to Panama this summer by pre-ordering your t-shirt today!

Nursing student, Joshua Larson will be in the College of Nursing gathering space taking t-shirt pre-orders with the $12 payment on:

April 13th – 11am-1pm
April 14th – 12pm-1pm
April 15th – 8am-9am
April 18th – 12pm-pm

The deadline to pre-order t-shirts  is April 18th.

Pre-order payments can be made with cash or check. Make checks payable to “USF College of Nursing Student Council.” After April 18th, t-shirts will be ordered and you will be updated on when they will be available.

For more information about ordering a t-shirt contact Joshua Larson at

Read more about the USF Nursing Community Health International Clinical Experiences in Panama.