Posted on Dec 6, 2022

The DAISY Foundation honors USF College of Nursing Faculty

The DAISY Foundation honors USF College of Nursing Faculty

Several USF Health College of Nursing faculty members earned recognition from the DAISY Foundation for their efforts in inspiring the next generation of nurses to continue impacting the lives of our society through exemplary compassion and expertise. 

The recognition was part of the third annual DAISY Awards Ceremony, which was held Dec 2. 

Allyson Duffy, PhD, RN, associate professor and director of the St. Petersburg Accelerated Pathway, was named the 2022 DAISY Honoree of the Year. 

Dr. Betty Jordan, Tena Barnes Carraher, Dr. Allyson Duffy, and Dr. Deleise Wilson during the College’s DAISY Award Ceremony.

Student narratives note Dr. Duffy’s distinct impact: “She is not only our director but our professor, our motivator, our support, our enthusiast, and everything in between. She is the definition of a leader.” In addition to many lifelong DAISY Award benefits, Dr. Duffy received a handmade sculpture called, “The Healer’s Touch,” made by the Shona Tribe from Zimbabwe. Often called the Shona sculpture, this beautiful piece symbolizes the relationship between nurses, patients, and families.  

And three other faculty members were named top DAISY Nominees: Geneiveve Cline, PhD, DNP, APRN, NNP-BC, CNE, NPD-BC, assistant professor and director of Nursing Education Concentration; Catherine Nadeau, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CNE, assistant professor and director of Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration; and Constance Visovsky, PhD, RN, ACNP, FAAN, professor and the Louis and Leona Hughes Endowed Chair in Nursing Science.  

The four faculty emerged from dozens of nominations submitted by students and alumni.

“We are so grateful for the outstanding support and value the DAISY Foundation provides to us, says Deleise Wilson, MA-ED, PhD, RN, CSSGB, senior associate dean of faculty affairs for the College of Nursing. “This meaningful recognition of nursing faculty, provides great affirmations and inspiration not only to the nominees but to all faculty members.” 

Dr. Geneiveve Cline, Dr. Allyson Duffy, Tena Barnes Carraher, and Dr. Catherine Nadeau

Dr. Geneiveve Cline, Dr. Allyson Duffy, Tena Barnes Carraher, and Dr. Catherine Nadeau

Under the guidance of associate professors, Alan Todd, DNP, CRNA, CHSE, FAAN, and Kenneth Wofford, PhD, CRNA, CHSE, FAWM, DiMM, the College’s partnership with the DAISY Foundation allows us not only to offer this outstanding award to its faculty but also to study the long-term impact of meaningful recognition on the faculty through the DAISY Foundation’s academic research collaborative. To date, we have received over 260 nominations from students and alumni and recognized over 60 well-deserving faculty members for impacting their student and patient outcomes in the last three years.