Posted on Nov 19, 2021

Trailblazer Spotlight: Emily Kent, Project Manager

Trailblazer Spotlight: Emily Kent, Project Manager

“When you bring the right people together – people who lead with empathy and kindness and who are willing to pitch in, learn and grow – you can do anything.”

USF Health College of Nursing Project Manager Emily Kent started her journey at the college in 2019.

After graduating from the University of Florida, Kent was accepted to the USF College of Education for her master’s degree. Initially, she applied to be a graduate assistant at the College of Nursing, but while interviewing, she was encouraged to apply for a full-time position as an academic service administrator instead.

Assistant Director Sophia Ramesar was a part of the team that interviewed Kent and persuaded her to apply for a full-time position.

“The consensus from the team strongly believed she outshined all other candidates from both positions,” Ramesar said. “We needed to move swiftly to hire her as soon as possible, because we could not let a potential candidate like Emily slip away.”

Kent happily took on the challenge to work full-time while going to school full-time, and applied for the recommended position. From the moment she started, Kent’s gone above and beyond, earning accolades every year to prove it. Her colleagues mutually describe her as ’embodying all the qualities you desire from a teammate and an employee.’

In just two years, Kent was honored four times. During her first year, she received the College of Nursing’s Outstanding New Staff award. In 2020, she was honored as the Rising Star and in 2021, she was honored with the Outstanding Staff award and the Outstanding Staff Team award from USF.

Associate Director Ann Joyce worked with Kent on multiple projects and said, “Emily puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She always brings her “A” game to every project and it shows.”

In her current role as a project manager for the Office of Faculty Affairs, Kent collaborates on projects that empower the college’s faculty to blaze a trail of success and professional excellence. Her current supervisor, Senior Executive Associate Dean Deleise Wilson, said, “She exemplifies a tireless commitment to excellence while making it easy for others with whom she interacts to be their best.”

One of Kent’s most memorable experiences was organizing the virtual Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education visit in Spring 2021.

“It was an experience that brought the whole college together,” Kent said. “It was something that couldn’t have happened without everyone contributing, and it was an honor to be a part of that.

Kent’s last day at the college will be December 10, 2021. Her next stop: graduation. Kent’s passion is teaching and she hopes to continue working in either secondary or higher education after graduation.

Team Photo

Deleise Wilson, Susan Perry, Ann Joyce and Emily Kent

She takes with her a plethora of experience to bring on new opportunities with. Although she is beginning a new journey with new people, Kent says she is thankful for the people she’s met during her time at the college. Many of which say they will always consider Emily a friend, near or far.

Kent said, “Not only have I learned something new every day by working alongside them, but I have also received life-changing feedback, mentorships and opportunities to grow. Without the amazing people I’ve worked with, none of the things we accomplished would have been possible, and it was inspiring to grow with them.”

Story by Cassidy Delamarter