Posted on Jan 22, 2022

Trailblazer Spotlight: Kristin Cashman, team coordinator

Trailblazer Spotlight: Kristin Cashman, team coordinator

Kristin Cashman found her inspiration to teach when she was working as a pediatric nurse. She looked forward to working with students during their clinical rotations and preceptorships.

Cashman with a clinical student

“As I did more and more often, I thought to myself that this should be my job!”

Without hesitation, she enrolled in the nursing education program and USF and graduated in 2013 with her Master’s in Nursing Science.

Shortly after, she began working as an adjunct faculty member and eventually became full-time in 2018. Now, Cashman is a team coordinator, leading two courses. She also chairs the baccalaureate curriculum committee and works on taskforces to prepare nursing students for the NCLEX. Cashman says her favorite part about her career is witnessing a ‘spark’ in students’ eyes when they notice something new or accomplish a goal.

“That spark is what makes me remember why I became a nurse,” she said.

In 2021, Cashman was honored with the college’s Faculty Clinical Teaching Award.

“It [the award] meant a lot to me because it is my goal to bring what is taught in the classroom to the clinical setting,” she explained.

Like her students, Cashman wants to continue to learn and grow too! Right now, she’s enrolled in the PhD program at the Medical University of South Carolina. She strives to be an educator that incorporates best practice into teaching.

“Remember that you are a leader, a Trailblazer, and will make a difference in the nursing profession.”

Story by Cassidy Delamarter